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Nursery Decor

Hiya, it's Gemma Naturkach!
Here's What's New with Me...

Pausing Professional Endeavors to Welcome New Life in June 2024 🍼


Returning to
Projects in 2025 ✨

Currently, I am stepping into an exciting new chapter of my life.

With a little one on the way, due in June 2024, I have decided to take a pause from professional engagements. This decision stems from my desire to fully immerse myself in the joys and challenges of motherhood and to dedicate this precious time to my growing family.

While I won't be taking on any new projects until 2025, I remain deeply connected to my professional passions. This period of temporary leave is an opportunity for me to recharge, gather new inspirations, and ultimately return with fresh perspectives and heightened creativity.

I look forward to reconnecting with the professional world in 2025, armed with new experiences and enriched by the profound personal growth that motherhood promises to bring. Until then, I wish continued success to all my colleagues and clients, and I am excited about the future collaborations that await upon my return.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this significant life event.

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